Story Buddy 2

Story Buddy2
Create, read and share multi-page ePub & PDF stories right on the iPad. Draw directly on the iPad's screen with your finger as you create your very own picture book - page by page. Add customizable text with the built-in keyboard. Import images from your photo album for that personal touch. Even add beautifully crafted paper styles to each page. Compile your story and experience the excitement of interacting with its pages like a real book. Listen to your very own audio narration for each page.

Every child has a story . . . bring it to life with StoryBuddy 2.

- House multiple stories on your bookshelf
- Customize title and author
- Add, arrange, and delete pages
- Paint with ease using your fingers
- Add/Delete draggable text layers
- Customize text font, size, color, alignment and location
- Add/Delete draggable photos from your photo library
- Customize photo size, rotation, location, frame
- Choose from beautifully handcrafted paper styles
- Record and manage audio narrative for each page
- Flip through the pages of your story like a real book
- Listen to narrative in your own voice using audio playback
- Email your story
- Share your story as PDF
- Share your story as ePub
- Send your story to iBooks as ePub
- Support for iBooks fixed layout format with double page images and audio
- Access your story on the computer through iTunes file sharing
- Page by Page Audio Recording & Playback