iPad Care

iPad Care and Routines

  • Assign the same iPad# to the same student each time
  • Make sure the students hands are clean
  • Carry the iPads with 2 hands
  • No food or liquids on the tables
  • When you are done with your lesson, have the students return the iPad to the "home" screen by pressing the home button.
  • Have students "close" each app you used by  pressing the "home" button twice, then swipe the apps up!
  • Have students wipe the screens clean with the microfiber cloths after using them
  • Make sure the iPad rubber cover is on nice and snug
  • Put the iPads back in the corresponding number slots in the cart
  • Have the iPads screen face the left side of the cart
  • Plug in the power charger cord for each iPad

Some helpful tips:

  • Check your fingers for dirt, glue, etc.
  • Carry with 2 hands
  • Always wipe clean after using
  • Only use them with adult permission and present
  • Keep food/drinks away from ipads at all times
  • Ipad stays stationery at all times – kids move to the ipads and call the teacher over
  • Only one student touching the ipad at a time
  • Ipad must stay flat on the table
  • Use the tool for the task and only the task

  • Respect the tool by cleaning it and not downloading anything unauthorized

Routines are essential for young students.

  • Okay, we already knew that, but starting with clear iPad routines and reinforcing them throughout the year is critical. Examples:
  • Have a clear route for students to take when they take iPads from the cart. Designate a "waiting spot" or "on deck circle" to prevent crowding and collisions in front of the cart.
  • Have kids push in their chairs before picking up iPads. This takes lots of practice and reinforcement, but it's the best way to keep two secure hands on those devices.
  • Keep a basket of microfiber cleaning cloths on each table or on top of the cart, and have students manage smudges as they go. You can also have a Clean Screen Team that cleans all the iPads as a Friday job.
  • Make sure there is a clear process for leaving the iPad ready for the next user. That includes exiting your own project (document, drawing, etc.) so it's not left over for the next kid, and returning the iPad to the home screen. 

iPad Cart Procedure and Handling

  • The ipad cart comes with one laptop computer and 20 iPads
  • All the iPads are numbered 1-20, the number is on the back side of the iPad, the number is also set as the home screen
  • When you use the iPads, please make sure you model proper handling to the student each time you use them.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Assign the same number iPad to the same student each time you use them. That way we can trouble shoot problems quicker
  • Best way to share your work to and from the iPad would be to use e-mail. Most of the applications on the iPad has it as an option to send completed work to an e-mail address
  • I set up all teachers e-mail information under contacts, so when a student is ready to share their work, if they start typing in your name your e-mail will come up. Have them share it with you.
  • By assigning the same student the same numbered iPad you will always know who the work is from, To practice good e-mail etiquette for the student have them to put their name in the e-mail, either in the subject line or as a part of the message!
  • If you want to share work back to the iPad, I have assigned each ipad its own unique e-mail. The e-mail follows these guidelines: iPad # 1 has the following e-mail: mitchellipad1@kitteryschools.com, iPad#2 has the following e-mail: mitchellipad2@kitteryschools.com and so on....

Here is a great iPad Quick Reference Card from our friends at Custom Guides: