1. Add a new book
Tap the 'New book' button at the top left of the screen.
2. Choose a shape for your book
You'll then choose the shape of your book from the 3 available options, portrait, square or landscape. This decides which shape an individual page will be. Note: you cannot change the shape of your book once you have chosen.
3. Customise your front cover
Let's start by choosing a nice bright colour for the background of the page. Tap the 'Inspector' button in the top right of the screen to choose a colour for your background.
Choose from one of the standard colours or tap 'Custom' to choose the particular colour you want.
4. Add some text
OK, we're ready to give our book a title (make sure you've chosen a good one!). Tap the + icon and choose 'Add Text'. Type your text into the window and press Done when finished. 
If you need to change or add to the text, just touch the text and it will bring the editing window and keyboard up again.
If you make a mistake, you can always tap the Undo button in the top menu.
5. Edit the text
So now you'll have some pretty standard black text on the page. Let's bring it to life a little.
First, you can change the width and height of the text box by dragging the blue handles to the size you want.
Next, whilst the text is still highlighted with the blue border, press the 'Inspector' button to access the style menu. You can adjust the size, colour, and style of the text to your heart's content.
6. Add an image
"A picture tells a thousand words", so let's add a photo to bring the page to life.
Tap the + icon. You can either choose Camera and take a photo there and then, or you can choose a photo already saved on your iPad photo library.
Find the photo you want to use and select it to make it appear in your book. You can then resize it if you wish.
7. Add a new page
Adding a new page is a simple matter of tapping the large + button on the right of the screen, or you can use the Pages button in the top menu.
Note that your first 2 pages are already added for you, so from the cover page, tap the > button to start adding text and images to the rest of your book.
8. Preview your book in iBooks
Part of the fun of using Book Creator is seeing your book as a real ebook. Send your book to iBooks at any time to check how the book looks with all the page-turning fun!
9. Saving your book
When you're done adding elements to the pages of your book, you can go back to the start menu by tapping My Books.
You'll see that your book is automatically saved and added to the list of books you've created. You book will have the default title 'A new book' by A.N. Author, so let's change that.
Tap on the 'Inspector' button below your book and tap on the book title or author to change it.