Lesson Ideas

Looking for some lesson ideas?? You have come to the right place! Please feel free to explore the links, email me if you come up with your own fun lesson/activity you want to share!!

Create your own content with the Book Creator App, here are some great starting points and lesson ideas! Here is a link to the Book Creator blog with tons of lesson ideas!


Pic Collage is a fantastic app for making posters, labeling things, showing understanding: Here are some great ideas for using it in your classroom

  • How to get started with Pic Collage
  • Verbs with Pic Collage
  • Place Value Pic Collage
  • Pic Collage ideas on Pinterest
  • More Pic Collage Ideas:
  • Illustrate different parts of the body such as wrist, ankle, nose, fingers
  • Illustrate what push looks like, what pull looks like
  • Illustrate positional Words, such as under, over, beside etc..
  • Illustrate numbers, such has 2 apples are the same as 2 pebbles
  • Create the alphabet using students creating the shape of the letter, take photos make into an alphabet book
  • Use Pic collage to make a shape book
  • Use Pic collage to make a self portrait using the sign language to sign I love you (have the students work in pairs!
  • Use Photo collage to make a color collage like - b-is for blue
  • Using the audio recording feature, do a round robin record each student saying the alphabet like a - is for apple
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