There are so many games on the iPad dedicated to teaching the students to code!  
Look in the folder fun games and check it out! 

So what is coding really? 
Real simple its about giving instructions or directions!

How does it apply to what we do in other subjects?
  • Language Arts: creating step by step instructions
  • Math: logic thinking, following sequence, creating sequence
  • Social Studies: practicing cardinal signs, like North, South East West

Did you know that 
  • critical thinking
  • logic
  • persistence
  • creativity 

help students excel at problem-solving in all subject areas, no matter what their age. 

Please check out the specific lesson plans for the different coding apps below:

How to Teach it
Great Website about it!
Classroom Curriculum!

The Foos
The Foos - Hour of Code Curriculum
The Foos - Hour of Code solution Guide
The Foos - Hour of Code full curriculum
The Foos -  Build and Aligator Challenge

Great Resources from Kodable!
Good explanation

Daisy The Dinosaur
Basic Intro Lesson

More info