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iPad user Guide: 
Here you can download the iPad manual for OS9

i Teach with iPad by Kristi Meeuwse is one of the best blogs I have read about integrating iPads into the curriculum. She is a kindergarten teacher in SC an she does all her work with kindergarten students! She has her own dedicated iPad cart for her classroom but many of her ideas are focused on the students CREATING  their own content. Most of her ideas can be modified to fit any of the gradelevels in our classroom.

The links below are older, some might be outdated...
 but please check them out anyway!

The resources below highlights iPad implementations 
across various venues:
  1. iPad Deployment list from
  2. iPad in Business:
  3. Frasier Spears -
  4. Classroom iPod touches & iPads: Dos and Don'ts -
iPad Implementations
  1. Overview of Chicago iPad proposals -
  2. Canby, Oregon -
  3. iPad pilots in varied settings -
  4. Palm Beach, FL -
  5. Chicago Public Schools - Burley Elementary School (1st & 2nd Grade) -
  6. Chicago Public Schools - (5th Grade) -
  7. Chicago Public Schools - (4th, 5th, & 6th Grade) -
  8. Maine Implementations:
    1. Buxton, ME - Buxton Center Elementary -
    2. Auburn, ME - Kindergarten - Project Advantage -
    3. Dover-Foxcroft, ME - Foxcroft Academy -

Resources recommended by the friends from the ACTEM list serve:

Some more resources that I found on the "teach with your iPad WIKI