Using Twitter in your Classroom

Why should you use twitter in the classroom? It is a great way to bring the world into your classroom!
  • Start by setting up a class Twitter account (Most of the kiddos are too young to have their own twitter account so sharing a class one is most appropriate)
  • What

How other elementary teachers around the world are using Twitter!

Harnessing the Educational Power of Twitter - A quick guide on how to and why you should use twitter.

Twitter Chat Schedule - a schedule of when twitter chats are taking place.

Popular Education Twitter Hashtags

Cybrary Man's Educational Hashtags - a very extensive list of educational hashtags to check out created by Jerry Blumengarten

Cybrary Man's Educational Twitter Chats - more great work by Jerry Blumengarten. His entire website has tons of great links.

35 Interesting Ways to Use Twitter in the Classroom by Tom Barret

Tweeting with a Class Account - by Hugh and Gallit

Who To Follow on Twitter

100 of the best Twitter Tools for Teachers

R U Ready 4 Twitter- An excellent set of slides created by Silvia Rosenthal Tolisano

Everything You Need to Know About Twitter - a visual from the Teach Thought Staff