Digi Make 10

Digi Make 10
This app is about visualizing ten’s complements. About ten's complements:
The "ten's complement" is the number that you must add  to get 10.  For example, the ten's complement of 6 is 4.  And the ten's complement of 3 is 7.
Having a clear visual image of single-digit numbers and their ten's complements is known to be very helpful in doing addition and subtraction. It is also a key step in facilitating mental math.
About us:
Digi-Block provides a method for learning about numbers and operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is a progression of steps. Each step is easy to grasp visually. The magic of math is that after mastering a relatively small number of steps, the learner is able to solve difficult problems! Check out digi-block.com to see what else we have to offer.