Hungry Guppy

Hungry Guppy App
Your 3- to 7-year-old will learn numbers and basic addition with this delightful game. It's easy to play – simply drag bubbles together to add them, then feed it to your fish. Hungry Guppy is an interactive way for preschool and early elementary school children to build a strong concept of addition and to understand what numbers represent. For example, “●●●” and “3” have the same meaning.

Motion Math: Hungry Guppy features a fish who loves to eat numbers, with 15 total levels:
– In the Dots levels, young children who don't yet know numbers can practice addition. They'll learn, for example, that ● + ●● makes ●●●.
– In the Mixed levels, kids will learn number symbols. For example, ●●● and 3 have the same meaning.
– In the Numbers levels, learners can practice adding numbers up to 5, seeing the different ways to make a sum.
– Fun graphics, music, and customizable colors make Hungry Guppy an experience children will enjoy for hours.

Common Core Math Standards:
• K.CC.2., K.CC.4., K.CC.6-7., K.OA.1-5.
• 1.OA.2., 1.OA.7-8.
• 2.OA.2.